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April 22, 2011


Red-faced traffic bosses are investigating how pranksters altered a set of pedestrian lights to show a couple making love whenever they turned green.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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they're not making love.
it looks like she lost her contact lens

when who turned green? the light, or the couple? help us, mr language person....

Apparently this led to several distracted drivers getting rear-ended.

Could also indicate this

We had quite a lot of rear end shunts from drivers who were too distracted," said one officer.

Yes, I can see that.

And yes, I did send this too - last Saturday.

So ... (!) ... apparently, EVERY day is "hump" day in Austria ... eh?

It looks to me like she is picking something up and he is pointing to the object on the ground. I already have enough problems getting people to step on the gas when the light turns green so I hope this doesn't occur in N.C.

So it IS easy being green!

who you calling a broad?

Green is for go, oh, oh, oh, go God, yes.

*hands Loudmouth a cigarette*

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