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April 23, 2011


Swiss flock to watch giant stinking flower bloom

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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I've never understood the fascination with these flowers. If I were in Switzerland I would rather sit and eat chocolate than watch a stinky flower bloom.

Swiss watches stink. Not what I'd heard.

land of what? excitment? is that like excitement? sorry mr language person.

I'm with nursecindy.... of course, here in the good ol' USA I'd have to eat a Reese's egg right about now.

CSU Fullerton had one of these bloom a few years ago. Mrs. Pirateboy still has the "stinking T-Shirt" we picked up at the gift shop.

We have one at Virginia Tech. Bloomed in 2002 and 2004. Don't know what Nurse Cindy has against a 4' penis shaped plant.

There was a scene something like that in Tim Dorsey's latest book.

Life truly does imitate art sometimes.


The corspus penus or whatever it is...is NOT the only stinking flower to bloom once every 2 or 4 years.

There's a type of bamboo plant that stinks when its flowers bloom also.

Strange fascination though. We watch stinkin TV and the Swiss watch stinking flowers.

Their "hobby" probably does less harm. Which Is why
Thomas J. Edison purported said, "If it stinks, they will follow."

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