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April 21, 2011


Nathan's to Add Women-Only Division in Hot Dog-Eating Contest

(Thanks to oldfatguy)


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Didn't a woman win this one time? Of course you would first have to assure us the hot dogs were low fat, low calorie, and all natural.

*smacks every blog boy for thinkin' what they're thinkin' right now*

I can't decide whether that would be sexually appealing or appalling.

The original headline for the story on fox was Women-Only Eating Contest
That was a bit disturbing.

While the mens division winner will be based on the amounts of finished dogs, the ladies division will be judged on style and originality.

Will the women be allowed to use their teeth?

That could kill the mood.

*ducks* the *smack*!


If they cahnge the word to Weiner, it brings an entirely new dimension to ths contest.

Where is automatic spell check when you need it? change.

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