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April 25, 2011


The Iranian army on the march.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The sheep need shearing.
Also, on picture 3, Iranian missiles have human pilots?
Now, that's a tough job.

Call out the Lawn Rangers!

This guy is their idol.

I thought it was this guy.

Jeff, my thoughts exactly.

But didn't you send this in a week ago?

The Wookie Corps is sorta like the green berets, here.
But don't get them angry, they can SMELL fear and bite
you really hard!

'The Iranian Army in their Hayday'

They lost their last battle when someone in the enemy ranks asked them for a needle.


Iranian soldiers bale after straw poll shows they don't stack up

Yeah, I think we did see this last year. Where else would I have seen it?

Nice to have a mop handy at all times.

Probly a safe bet that Iranian army smoke breaks are few & far between.

I'd like to *SMACK* Jeff Meyerson for not sending this in. That is all.

I didn't know wookies held parades.

Draft Paul Mitchell and a squad of Brazilian bikini waxers. The battle will end quickly.

No Shi-ite.

A couple of gallons of 'Weed Be Gone' and no more problem! Why do all foreign army's march with their legs straight out?

So the Iranian army has ghillie suits for use in the... Iranian jungles?

Starched underwear, cindy. The sand kept blowing off, Steve.

But did you see the photo that follows?


And we are supposed to be scared of these folks?

What a tin can that missile is! And wHat are those two guys doing up there?

Watch out Paul, that's the Islamic suicide space program.

It was actually the Iranian air force. Anyone can tell those are bush pilots.

Sorry, I'm hedging my bet here.

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