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April 21, 2011


The Zombie Bunny

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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Good Lord and @$14.99 to boot

White chocolate is an oxymoron.

I prefer dead bunny to undead bunny.

Jeff, I think the term is "undead chocolate".

Truth In Advertising Laws alert!

If it's "white" chocolate, why does it look green?

I think I'd rather get my tastebuds a bar of Irish
Spring that this one. And it says
"Not a silly little bleeder that will nibble your bum

I mean, what good is a zombie rabbit if he doesn't?

They only eat cauliflower because it looks like BRRRRAAAAIINNNNNNSSSSSS.....

A real rabbit is eating my asperagus. He will soon become a zombie rabbit.

*does not want to pay for therapy for my 2 yr old grandson, so will stick to simply gnawing the ears off of chocolate wabbits*

btw, slightly o/t but if anyone is a Terminator movie fan then you will know today is "Judgement Day". Watch out for your computers and other machines. As for this, I prefer cute little chocolate bunnies with bows. I don't want to bite the ear off a chocolate bunny and see it bleed.

i'm sorry. i'm a jewish kid. but it is probably sacreligious to dessecrate an easter bunny. not to mention an affront to chocolate

Nothing says Easter like little animal zombies rising from the grave. Handbasket leaving on track 12.

Hey, ya think chocolate zombie bunnies are scary?

You aint seen nuthin yet.

Waint to you see the bloodsucking anticoagulant zombie peeps!!!

I just got finished reading this.


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