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April 21, 2011


How a real man erases a CD.

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Okay, I'm a girl but I want to try that. Very cool and the erased CD would make a great coaster when you're finished. I'm sure not many blog guys would think of that.

What would Tesla do?

If you erase it backwards you can clearly hear the Beatles performing Paul is a leprechaun in the sky with diamonds.

You can just put it in a friend's microwave, Cindy. Almost as cool, and a whole lot easier to do.

Elon --
I would never suggest taking a stack of the CDs to the local convenience store to complete the task.

I'm dying to know what happens to the CD in a microwave.
But I prefer that someone else do the actual dying.
So, what?
Is it one of those cool homemade bombs that the spies set up to blow up the people chasing them?
Or does it just make plastic popcorn?

High voltage rock-n-roll.

NMUA - if you just slip one CD into the center of the microwave, people think it's part of the microwave and proceed to nuke their food. That way you're not actually the one at fault for the ensuing box 'o freaky lightning, but you get to watch.

Steve: "I'm dying to know what happens to the CD in a microwave."

It's pretty, as it happens. You get small electrical arcs dancing across the surface of the CD. Unfortunately, it won't make a good coaster afterwards because the metallic film is etched, scored, and flaking off. It you aren't careful disposing of it, you'll get glittery bits everywhere.

I've found that 5 seconds in a 750 watt oven securely wipes any CD. Much more, and you risk fire.

It's wise to put a glass of water in the microwave with the CD. The water absorbs some of the excess microwave energy if you over-zap the CD.
I've done it for many years without messing up myself or the oven.

Good point on getting someone else to press the start button. I can imagine some of the stoner customers I had back in the days when I worked at Stop and Rob watching their burrito interact with the CD.

Not only have I used DVDs as coasters, I've seen some movies that were so bad I used the disc as a cutting board when I was carving up key limes as a garnish.

Great video - now what's compact disc in cockney rhyming slang?

Now that's a science project.

Not only can a microwave ruin a CD, a CD can short out the microwave tube also, rendering the microwave unusable. Most likely you will get lots of sparks, fire and smoke first.

My microwave woke up on the wrong side one day and
blew up the "cage" where the bulb was. Then it worked
normal after stinking up the kitchen. (No CDs that time, however.)

for safety's sake I junked it and bought a new one.


I found the answer. It's either "risk" or "DJ Brisk".
Those darn Brits. They have a word for everything!

(After about 30 seconds, the melting plastic may set off the office smoke alarms...or so I've been told ;)

And how much fun would it be to inhale all that vaporized metal?

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