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April 22, 2011


NYC cabbie drives 2 guys across US for $5,000

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Referred to in a Wings song.

Man I could smell your feet a mile away, smile away.

I just can't imagine what that cab must have smelled like when they finally reached The Strip...

I don't think I've ever heard the word 'magical' when anyone is describing a cab ride in a NYC cab. On the plus side you wouldn't have to be patted down by the TSA.

That would be a Zone 2,038 trip, which means the total would be $5,000.75.

Wow. That's almost the normal fare from Times Square to Brooklyn.

Speaking as a Brooklyn resident I can tell you that you'd have a better chance getting a cabbie to take you to LA than Brooklyn, Clankazoid.

For $5000 I would want to sit on the beaded seat cover.

"But me want not to learn the landing or you say takeoff of the plane... "


That ain't profiling, that's taking down terrorists!

magical? they be hittin the ganja.

NTTAWWT, queensbee.

agree jeff. just sayin...

For some reason, my butt just went numb.

It would have been $3500.00 but the cabbie took them through Canada and Mexico.

$ 5,000... You travel across country and learn Arabic at the same time. Not bad.

1st class airfare from NYC-LA one way, short notice is anywhere from $1200-3000. But, you don't get that heady cultural experience.

ANd don't forget, no TSA or Homeland Security to deal with. Which is almost priceless.

I'd pay twice that to get out of NYC.

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