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March 23, 2011


Yes, sex can kill you, U.S. study shows

(Thanks to Chris Elzi, RussellMc and Mark Schlesinger)


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So you can reduce your risk by not jogging while having sex?

Well finally somthing I do not have to worry about a whole lot, just a little bit, sometimes, on good days, when the weather is good, and there are not 27 grandkids running around the house, and the dogs and cats are all fed.

OK. Are there any guys out there who DON'T want to go that way?
I thought not.

This is not news.

Exhibit A: John Garfield
Exhibit B: Nelson Rockefeller

I was going to mention Nelson, but wasn't Garfield shot?

I hope not. I like that cat.

Aren't Jon and Garfield boy and cat?

If you send a letter to Jon Garfeild, who gets it?

In Garfield's case, they called it suicide.

Boudreaux: "Hey dere, Thibodeaux."

Thibodeaux: "Hey dere, Boudreaux."

Boudreaux: "Not 'Boudreaux.' Now you gots to call me 'Lucky'."

Thibodeaux: "Why I gots to call you 'Lucky'?"

Boudreaux: "Cuz I was visitin' my girlfrien', and her husband came home early, and he shot me in the ass."

Thibodeaux: "So your girlfrien's husband came home early and you got shot in the ass and now I gots to call you 'Lucky'?! How dat work?"

Boudreaux: "Cuz, Thibodeaux. Her husband come home half a hour earlier, he'd a shot me in the back o' the hayd."

That's how I want to go.

My wife killed sex instead. I'm gonna frickin' live forever.

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