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March 25, 2011


The latest sport to arrive on the market involves a skateboard, some rope, and a horse.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Skate board, rope and horse ... McGwiver wouldn't have come up with the same as they did - his would have been cooler!

... and involve explosions.

Now get those naked bathers out there and you have a relity show worth watching!

And put THEM on the skate boards!

*tunes in*

I think it would be more fun to lasso those skateboarding punks, jerk them off the boards, and hog-tie them like cowboys roping calves...

Get off my lawn? Hell, GET OFF MY RANCH!!

I am for Jeff and Kibby's idea. That would be a show for the DVR.

Let's make it an Olympic demonstration sport.

We'll get Shawn White,the Flying Tomato, involved.

"If you love the thrill of water-skiing and windsurfing but don’t like getting wet, this could be for you."

Not a fan of getting hit by horse poop either!

It looks like they used a photo editor.

Not as much fun as ski joring. (And no, the horse is not supposed to go over the ski jump - just the skier.)

Sorry, but if you can't hold your beer while you do it, or at least have it within arm's length, it ain't a sport.

Wingnut - all you had to do was ask. A little latigo and a western saddle and voila!

They're gonna wish they'd put fenders on top of those skateboard wheels.

Sorta been done.

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