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March 24, 2011


HATTIESBURG, Miss. - It was a normal Tuesday morning until a man in his birthday suit crashed through the ceiling of an unsuspecting woman.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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This guy is falling! This guy is falling!!!

It's raining men!

With all that fiberglass he's gonna be itching something fierce...

I hate to be the boring "this is a great thread" guy, but the title, subject, and all posts above are classic.

I cannot count the times this has happened to me, talk about embarrassing.

Animal House: "Thank you God!"

*snork* at everyone

And her jacket?

"They returned it and asked if I would like it back, and I said 'no,'" Townsend said.

Not unless it was dry cleaned and fumigated first.

At least she didn't run towards him screaming "God has delivered my Soulmate, praise the Lord!!!!"

The woman was unable to identify the intruder's face because she was concentrating elsewhere.

If he was on the ball he would have said to her: "Excuse me....do you have any Grey Poupon ?". He will regret that the rest of his life.

No nudes is good nudes?

After an incident like that I'd want to go out and get plastered.

She was unsuspecting? If she had been suspecting it would happen, wouldn't she be kind of paranoid?

"She was in for a nude awakening"

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