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March 23, 2011


Neighbor attacked with marshmallow fork

(Thanks to Ralph)


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There's smore to this story than was told.

Exactly, Steve.

Elyria police said the 42-year-old woman knocked early Monday on the door of a neighbor who described her expression as having "the look of death in her eyes,"

Is he by any chance an aspiring mystery novelist? Or was it the reporter putting words in his mouth?

What in heck is a marshmallow fork. A tool for wimps too dainty to use a stick?

When marshmallow forks are outlawed....

And he never let out a peep.

...only outlaws will fork marshmallows.

Which sounds like a really filthy euphemism.

Because he wouldn't kiss her?

Marshmallow Forkers WGAGNFARB

Police said the woman, who was not identified by The Morning Journal, stabbed the neighbor in the chest with a small pitchfork used for toasting marshmallows.

Try asking your local hardware store for that. Or the
grocery store. Or your local farm implement store, which is usually a coop.

They be laughing in the aisles for hours.

Let's Mrs. Staypuft makes a swift recovery.

*snork* @ Steve.

She was burned out and he was burned up.

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