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March 25, 2011


Lindsay Lohan plans to drop last name to be identified only by her single moniker, says mom Dina

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Might have an objection...

Didn't Hiaasen predict this in his last book?

Life imitates art.

look how well this has worked out for cher, and Liza, and....


I suggest Loser.

Good Idea, I think I will just go by OLD.

Could be a problem - I bet she starts getting mistaken for ex-Mayor John Lindsay in no time.

I'm thinking Lindsay Sheen.

Lindsay Lohan plans to be identified only by a single moniker which turns out to be 0458463.

This wouldn't be all just for publicity, would it...?

Personally, I think she should take after Prince and drop the name altogether.

The ditz formerly known as Lindsay.

Dina Lohan said, adding that "me and [Lindsay's sister] Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan."

Attention Mr. Language Person, stat!

On a related note, I am issuing a restraining order against stupid, boring, pseudo-celebrities.

I dare to stop me, Annie!

I guess Moron was taken.

I don't remember ever reading a news/gossip item about her that didn't ID her as 'Troubled Actress Lindsay Lohan'. So is she going to drop 'troubled actress', too?

Jailbait is better.

How about Dumbassette

Will she also drop her middle name...Firecrotch?

The world is full of people who I do not care one whit about. Does that make me a sociopath?
Or rational?

Just call me Wo.

One name to rule them all.

I'd go with: 49.99P

Much more talented, except at spelling.

Paging Mr. Language Person. STAT!

True and I think skank and poser were already called for as well.

Siouxie, check 5:09 pm entry yesterday.

How's tax season going so far?

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