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March 24, 2011


July 20, baby. Be there.

Key Selling Point: "Hands on."

(Thanks to Loren Blinde)


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I'd HATE to see the Amateur Manure Management.

(Oh, and if anyone attends, please bring me back a T-shirt.)

Well, at least it's not in Wisconsin. It does happen the week just after our big Dairy Expo, where everyone brings their purtiest cows to Madison, leaving us with an unusual amount of dairy byproduct available for export. Probably just a coincidence, right?

What a load o' crap!

Be careful shaking hands... you might get get a

real hands-on bacteria!

(uses Lava, Dove and a few dozen other soaps before typing this...)

At least it will smell better than a political convention.

Some vendors I think I might not want to see?

Commercial vendor displays
I mean do we really want to see WHAT they are selling?

Yippie-ay-yay...Cow Patty
Yippie-ay-yay...Cow Patty
She rode into town to find the man who killed her daddy
Yippie-ay-yay...Cow Patty

Congress calls this a "Refresher Course".

One nice thing about living in California is that we are upwind of Nebraska.

But will they stand behind their product?

A friend of ours who sells equipment and supplies recently went to what is politely called the "Pumper Show". OOH, honey.

My parents went to the Manure Expo, and all I got was this lousy T-paper.

This is actually a serious problem, and not the only place for professionals to delve into the subject.

As a Cornell Aggie, I'm familiar with its Ph.D. programs in both dairy science and agricultural engineering: Piled hip Deep.

Why would anyone want to study manure? The standing joke is "I majored in animal husbandry until they caught me."

I don't have much to do with agriculture any more; I'm more involved in politics. Manure management skills are highly useful.

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