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March 24, 2011


Fruit basket exploded by state police in Bridgeton

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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You can't be too careful. It might have contained mangoes which are, as we all know, fruits of mass destruction.

"Shutting down the wawa" sounds very tragic and a bit too personal.

Worst. Smoothie. Ever.

I could understand doing this if it were broccoli

Got to keep the Wawa open for business, right, Annie?

I was just in a Wawa last night.

Is "exploding the fruit basket" in any way related to "tossing the salad"?

Was the wawa in Rahway?

Orange you glad they apearrantly solved the Basket Case?

Were kiwis involved? I've always harbored suspicions about them.

He thought he saw a suspicious person loitering by the bus, and when he came out found the package in a compartment he thought had been empty.

It was the WaWa Mystery Bunny.

A relative of Brabra WaWa's perhaps.

Good thing he called police! Mustn't allow unaccompabied baskets to roam freely. After all, this isn't the United States...er, it is, isn't it?

Well, that was fruitless.

With this move, cops were raisin some eyebrows at the wawa.

Wawa, for those of us keeping track is an Indian word (don't know the tribe so don't keep track of that) for goose.


No - the Indian word for goose is "Aflac." "Wawa" is Indian for "near the mall."

"Wawa" is the Indian word for "Place where New Jerseyans go to at 5 AM when there's no milk for breakfast"

Do you suppose Bin Laden wets his shorts laughing every time he sees an article like this ?

Clank, I'm guessing he wets them regardless.

Pamegranades and pineapples.

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