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March 23, 2011


Christian pole dancing class creating controversy

(Sent in by many people)


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Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

I have always disliked it when someone else spoke for me without consulting me in person first.
I wonder how god feels about that?

Pole Dancing for Jesus? WTFBBQ?!

Actually, I think that might be Madonna's next movie.

It's hilarious that all the people who hate it are dudes. Methinks the sign-waving protestors might have other, shall we say less pure, motives.

Key Quote: Booth was raised in church. Now, the pole is her temple.

..... heh, IMHO, ANY workout to religious music would be more pain than gain. (or loss)

Does swinging both ways make one bi-poler?

So...this is wrong??

*twirls around pole and lands in handbasket*

The classic example of mental illness.

First the spin, then the sin.

Methinks Satan is a clever trickster. Or a "spinster".

It's true: your body is a slutty, provocative temple.

I predict religous fantasyism.

It's time for pole dancers to rise up and grasp their futures!

It's a farm team for strippers, and girls who are working their way through medical school.

A bit sexist. Why can't men poledance ? Aren't we good enough ?

Our pole dancing doesn't require as much talent.

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