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March 23, 2011


This blog has received the following email, which certainly seems legit, as it involves Zip Kelly III, director of the FBI (which is located in Washington D.C. Room 7767):

From The Desk of: Dr. Barry Brown
Executive Chairman Fund Department
Telephone: 409-407-08177





Good day, be well informed that your ATM card valued at US$2.5Million has been approved, kindly contact Dr. Barry Brown immediately with the below contact details and also reconfirm your personal information to him so that he can proceed with the delivery of your ATM Card.

Contact person: Dr. Barry Brown
Executive Chairman Fund Department.
Telephone: 409-477-9080

Re-Confirm Your Information's.

1) Your full name.

2) Phone, fax

3) Country

4) Company name, position

5) Professions, age and marital status.

6) Working d/Int'l passport.

God Bless You,

Mr. Zip Kelly   III Director FBI.


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Well it certainly looks legit to me. Surely no one would use the FBI name to pull a scam?

For a while there, whenever I got a call that I regarded as suspicious and that wanted my personal information, I would give it as "George Bush/1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC."
I even had the phone number of the White House switchboard I'd give out.
I figured if it was legit, the President was getting some valuable information. If it wasn't, who better to direct the scammer to?
The funny thing was that no one ever questioned this "information". What is this country coming to?

Sure looks legit to me, Dave. I would definitely send him your information's.

God BLess him.

There's a whole website dedicated to folks who scam the scammers. They get them to send pictures of themselves in dresses, in makeup, and sometimes get them to send money!

I forget the name, but I know somebody out there knows it.


Are they going to send it FedEx? My Nigerian colleague was going to send a letter and US$800,000 FedEx, for only a $195 shipping fee.

"Working d/Int'l passport."
What is this even supposed to mean?

It's fake, everyone knows the FBI keeps all its money in the National Bank of Nigeria now. Just like me.

Hmmm, I was gonna suggest you edit out the spammer's e-mail address. But if you leave it in there, all the other spammers will get his address and spam him, and I decided that's ok.

I don't know Mr. Kelly, Dave, but I got a very similar offer from the "real" FBI Director, Mr. Robert Muller (yes, that's the way they spelled it) a while back.

Had it been from Zip I'd have been less likely to delete it.

Actually, reading it again it says III Director FBI.

Sounds like he could use the necklace Dave got from Rev Al. Hopefully it's a very snug fit.

Dr. Brown is my ENT! What a hoot.

Well, the Attention line is blank, so, rilly, any of us could claim this amazing award. Race you!

And for sure if the email address is at a hotmail account. The feds always use those.

Probably something France is doing to finance it's " No Fly Zone " operations.

anyone try to dial the 11-digit phone number?

You mean Zip(py the Pinhead) Kelly III? The best FBI director evah? The Zipster. Who wouldn't trust him? Win one for the Zipper.

Miss C: notice the address is barrybrownaccountant? I hope he's not treating your cold and doing your taxes at the same time.

kinda like johnnycochranlawyer and or frankpurduechickenguy, right?

Well. That's done. Sent in all of my information's and even included my SSN, mother's maiden name, street I grew up on, and first pet's name for extra measure. I'll let you all know when I get my US$2.5 Million ATM card.

queensbee, I hope barrybrownaccountant is more alive than Mr. Cochran or Mr. Perdue.

That 419eater.com site is a hoot, he even has them sending him money!

The 409 area code is in Texas. Apparently, the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building has moved.

Dave, have you Re-Confirm Your Information's? If you don't, seriously dude, you could, like, lose out, you know?

I don't have a fax so I guess I can't respond.

He must have missed the 2003 Spam Conference.

Linky no worky. Sorry!

Fixed it: Spam Conference

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