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March 24, 2011


At the Starkenberger Brewery in Tarrenz, Austria, you can take a dip in the world's only pool filled entirely with beer.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Well, it would be different to swim in a public pool with PRE-drunk beer in it...

When you come up for air, wouldn't it have way more CO2 than would be good for you?
Hey, Joe, are you tipsy or suffocating?

"Charlie drowned in the tub of beer?"
"Yeah, but it took him three tries."

Yes but, would you really want to drink the beer? I mean really???????????

Not exactly the "great head" he was hoping for.

Would they have a "pool police?"

"Okay, mister, you've had enough. Outta the pool!"

But officer, I've only had 2 or 3 ...hours!!!

I'm guessin' there's probably more than a little "homemade" fluid in there, too.

Hmmm. My Humorous Links to the imdb page of a certain Bob and Doug movie (a Hamlet remake/retelling) which has a crucial scene involving swimming in beer, keep disappearing.

Time to shoot the bot?

"Great Lake - Less Feeling!"

Do they keep their beer warm in Oz like in the UK? I'm guessing not an ice cold one.

Loudmouth, this in Austria, not Oz.

They have to keep it warmer or it will curdle.

And scream.

Welcome to our "- ilsner". Notice there's no "P" in it -- we'd like to keep it that way!

Two quotes by the great Cheech and Chong:

"We live by the lake, drop by anytime!"


"Hey, did you feel the water get warmer all the sudden?"
"Yeah, well, I had like a few beers, man, and couldn't hold it."

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