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March 25, 2011


A Los Angeles motorist crashed his car while distracted by two naked women taking a shower by the side of the road.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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... oooh, the images are just toooo great!

For once PETA is on the right side of an issue!

Yes, but were they wearing fur?

Every time I see these yutzes, I want to run up to them and yell, "YES! You did it! Because you went naked in public ALL the puppies in the world were SAVED! You can go home now." Plus I take a couple of pictures for, y'know, documentation purposes.

for some reason, any cause that causes attractive women to get nakkid in public seems like a good cause. By the way, naked means no clothes. nakkid means no clothes on and up to something.

naked -vs- nakkid ... got it!

OFG- so what's the definition for "nekkid?"

What's the definition for the work "knoiw" found in the Blog headline?

word...not work...(geez, smarmy comments can be difficult)

fro, nekkid is the proper pronunciation here in the South. My fingers typed the northern version when I was not looking.

Nekkid Yankees WBAGNFARB

Judging from the misspellings in the headline, I suspect Mr. Blog may have been a tad distracted...

I'm thinking this guy has the grounds for a winnable lawsuit. The accident CLEARLY was not his fault. If they had lowered their shower curtain just a foot or so he wouldn't have been leaning over so far to get a better view.

I feel for that driver - I tried to upload the images and my computer crashed.

(And as is my custom, I will be eating more meat today - you know, just so the nekkid gals will keep on protesting. Win-win.)

Why do these nekkid PETA women never come to where I am at the moment?
If they did, I'd buy them lunch. Maybe a hamburger.

I contributed my part on World Water Day.

Cameras for US news channel CBS captured the moment when the driver ploughed his car into the back of a white pick-up truck.

Neither vehicle appeared to be badly damaged....

I think they have a different definition of "ploughed" than I do. That looked like "tapped", "bumped" or "nudged". "Ploughed" (or, as we spell it here in the U.S.A. "plowed") would involve significant damage.

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