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March 25, 2011


Hoffman "reached over and unscrewed the cap . . . then purposely poured the detergent out of the bottle and onto (his girlfriend's) legs." The girlfriend, Hoffman said, stuck her hand in the spilled detergent and wiped some on his face.

The brand of detergent wasn't listed.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Detergent donnybrook?

I'm guessing 'Will Greenlee' has ambitions to write for the NY Post.

They're made for each other.

"I do all my laundry in Tide."


"Because it's to damned cold outtide."

Benny Hill


he could've softened her up a bit if only he'd followed up with a Final Touch

I'm still wondering what an "in-common" child is.

I am sure the executives at Cheap TV Productions are kicking themselves for missing this "fun" couple.

WOuld have made a highly rated reality-TV show.

Pouring it on her legs... then dipping into it and rubbing his face.

It just sounds like standard foreplay for them.

And thankfully neither is currently single.

Pouring it on her legs... then dipping into it and rubbing his face.

.... sigh ...

Those were the days ...

Who else has gotten their wedding invitations from this couple? I can't wait for the reception!

frodo - it will be a double-ring-around-the-collar ceremony

He was just trying to Cheer her up.

He gave her his All; then the Tide turned.

" When Hoffman called 911 to report the detergent donnybrook, he said he wanted to level a battery charge..."

What, like 12 volts?

Friday humor.

And they say romance is dead.

Creepy dude - I'll bet he already knows how to get rid of blood stains.

Coupla washouts.

So he poured detergent on her and she got agitated -- stick her in the washer and he won't need electricity.

I wonder how their scrabble games go ?

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