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March 25, 2011


Fred was the ringleader of a group of baboons infamous breaking into cars to chow down on sandwiches and snacks. Cape Town's baboon management group said he was euthanized Friday because he was becoming increasingly aggressive.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

I don't know if we met Fred last summer, but we definitely met some of his relatives:



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who dropped his last name to be identified only by his single moniker,
is dead.

'Capetown Baboon Euthanized'
(doo-dah, doo-dah)

Whew! For a moment I thought they were talking about Congress.

Aggressive babooners will be shot in Smitswinkel.

Substitute "Money" for Carbohydrates and you have Congress.

He's so famous he's going to shorten his name and just go by " Babs " .

South African officials said Friday that they had euthanized the country's most famous baboon, known as Fred, who was well-known for raiding cars and frightening tourists along Cape Town's scenic route.

Fair warning, Mr. Sheen.

Sooo....suppose I know a baboon who is becoming increasingly aggressive...I can just have him taken care of? I don't have to lure him into the basement with beer and put a muffler on the wood-chipper anymore?

Annie -- Just call A.A. Gill.

You mean that foppish zit on the hemorrhoid that is the British Press?

Looks like he's texting.

"The decision to have him euthanized was not taken lightly and not without extensive discussions between all role players involved,"
All? What did Fred say?
Oh, it was a surprise! funeral.
I told my wife what I want in the way of a funeral. And I gave her fair warning that if she deviates from my demands, I'm not going.

Yes, but he writes a mean restaurant review.

Annie Where but Here sounds like one wild temptress. The beer part got me.

Me like you long time, pen.

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