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March 25, 2011


Poland reports herd of bison missing, may have crossed into Ukraine

(Thanks to Brian Pries)


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A Polish bison walks into a Russian bar....

did anyone check where the deer & the antelope play?

no need, they herd a discouraging word on the way and the skies were cloudy.

They're going to see Deep Purple

Yup. Not there.

"He hopes they won't fall victims to poachers or return injured, as has happened before."

Well, then why did he say they were going to Ukraine? Now the poachers know where to look.

Better vodka.

I don't know how many times friends of mine have gone to Ukraine, gotten poached, and returned injured.

They went to bison vodka.

Found one.

How hard could they be to find?

mom was last herd saying 'bye,son'

I recommend driving around the area at night. If it works anything like deer, they find you.

Those Ukraine cows really knock me out, they leave Poland behind . . .

Herd of bison?

Of course I've heard of Bison.

I've also heard of Bacon, Cowboys and Indians,
and seen a few too!

Near Fort Leavenworth, a herd grazes freely. They love to chase cars.

Most of the time though they are fairly docile.

but if you call them names or honk at them...

Provocation! Wehrmacht entering Warsaw in 3, 2, ...

If you were a bison, wouldn't you leave Poland ?

Maybe they went to Roamania.

Give me a homsky where the buffalosky roamski.

Oh, give me a whatever the Polish word for "home" is, where the Buffalo stay put! For god's sake, quit going over that border, buffalo. What is it with you guys?

I wonder if they went through the body scanner or had to have a pat down at the airport?

They only attack cars of people who lean out of the window and yell, "MOO!"

"Oh no, out of state licence plate, get ready."


"Let's roll!"

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