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March 25, 2011


Maybe Dad needs an umbilical-cord phone charger.

Key Feature: The rubbery cord with a purpled-vein appearance is two-feet long and pulsates when plugged into a socket.

(Thanks to Alison McQuade)


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Wouldn't that be more of a Mother's Day gift?

*worries about ANYTHING that pulsate when plugged in*

KJP took my comment. I'll wait and get it for Mom.

i dont think mom wants to be reminded either.

i placenta to you the first official stem cell phone charger

... is that were they get stem cells from? The cell phone company?

The sad commentary on this is the people who this would apply to re tied to their cell phones. I actually have a cell phone, yup I do. Keep it in my lunch bag turned off. In case I want to CALL SOMEONE I turn it on, make the call then turn it back off. ha

stem cell phone service will be permanently disconnected after 9 months

What was left after Steve Jobs gave birth (metaphorically speaking...I hope).

I have seen my daughter walk into a wall while texting.
I'd discuss it with her but I don't know how to text.
I used to drive the Geezer bus until I backed into that tree.

Man, that thing would drive a cat nuts!

Is this why some kids are AC/DC?

that phone charger is quite disgusting and creepy! -

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