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March 26, 2011


Dog defecating in yard leads to shooting

(Thanks to Rick Day and jon harris)


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"Don't take make matters into your own hands."

Jes' Make Do.

The interviewed cop said, "If a dog does do that, call the cops -- don't take matters into your own hands."

What's the over/under on how many times you'll get a squad car out by calling in a
10-2, dog defecating in yard?

Many times the dog will be gone by the time the police

And then they have nothing to go on.

"Don't take make matters into your own hands."

Who would want to?

Besides that, you will have a mess on your hands,
and, after washing up,
it could stain your towels.

Anyone else hear banjoes?

I used to have this problem with a neighbor who would allow his little poodle to use my yard. One day as his poodle was going, I walked out the door with my 130 lb. labrador on a leash and asked him where he lived. I haven't seen them anymore.

I think the dogs need to keep their owners leashed and curbed.

Some of the solutions in the comments are pretty good.

In Texas you can get the death sentence for this... For the dog poopin'. Not for the shootin'. That's just fine and dandy.

We had a neighbor with a dog that deposited that sorta problem in our yard (also used our house to "do #1" ... ) ...

Doesn't happen any more ...

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