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March 23, 2011


Asked by officers why he was walking around nude, the man retorted, asking why they were wearing clothes.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I, too, retorted, asking, indeed, why this reporter used so many commas.

Well, they're cops. They have to have SOMEthing to hang all them tasers and guns and handcuffs from. Although Siouxie might have some, er, minimalist ideas for what that might entail.

Key quote: "A concerned woman tried to cover the man's parts with a towel, but the towel didn't stay."

So clearly this was a lifestyle choice, and not a sex thing

Next time, try gently stapling the towel to the gentleman's backside.

The reporter, is Canadian, just, like, William Shatner.

What a hoser!

Is that how he "baffled" the cops, by asking them the tough question?

Perhaps he expected them to say, "damn, he's right,why are we wearing clothes, let's get naked."

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the "weather" link to see how cold it was where this happened. It was 8C, so either it was on the eighth floor, apt. C. or the third floor, apt. 8.
I still don't know how cold it was.

"The only way to solve the paradox, the police officers decided, was to check the naked man into hospital for a mental health assessment."

ya think?

" ... retorted, asking ... "

It would appear that the "reporter" had a prior job in the Department of Redundancy Department ...


That story is written in Canadian ... my error in judging this as improper usage is egregious indeed ... I do apologize ...

He liked the breeze 'tween his knees. Eh?

According to google:
8 Celsius = 46 Fahrenheit

Seems kinda chilly for no clothes.

I saw the Naked Canadians open for Smashing Pumpkins. Whose lead singer was also known for letting it all hang out. On stage.

'I'm homeless', he retorted, 'and thought this might be a good way to get someone to check me in somewhere for a room and a few meals.'

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