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March 24, 2011


...he already has a Florida license.

Helpful Explanation: “I stepped on my brake, I stepped on and off the brake, I don’t know what the hell happened,” Pisano recalled about an hour later, eating a plate of food in the dining room.

(Thanks to Paul Roub)


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Either he was "gassed" or he gassed it.

"I don't know what the hell happened..."

Then, sir, why are you driving?

I think he closed his eyes ala Magoo.

Maybe he mistook it for a drive-thru gift shop...

which we need more of!

Rock Ledge? For a second or two, I had high hopes a Blazing Saddles sequel was being filmed.

If this was one of those "you break it you buy it" places this guy is in serious trouble.

Ah yes, the Grand Marquis, the old Floridians latest car of choice.

I give them a wide berth down there.


And I love how they interviewed him, eating a plate of food in the dining room.

"What the hell; we're here."

The vehicle had a purple electric scooter and hydraulic platform bolted behind its rear bumper.

So before blasting into the shop, he apparently backed over a scooter...better check the trunk for the scooter's owner.

The rascal. Shoulda been on the Rascal.

Nice porch. Reminds me of a diner in Arkansas.

"I was going to ask if you'd like that meal for here, or to go -- but it looks like both."

Why would you bolt a scooter behind your bumper?

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