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March 26, 2011


A woman in Waco, Texas, who named her burger joint "Fat Ho Burgers" has found herself in a big fat conflict with a neighboring cafe.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Ralph)


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I dunno. It seems like it would help sort out the people. Some would go to the Gospel Cafe and the rest would, you know, go straight to hell. Win-win?

She could have been more sensitive. How about 'Fat Prostitute Hamburgers'? Or, 'Horizontally Challenged Ladies Of The Evening Hamburgers'? She would need a bigger sign.

Hi Ho...Hi Ho....It's off to Waco we go....

To me it is always instructive to throw out random insults and see who gets offended.
Example: If you yell, "Thief!" in a crowd, it is the one who stops and says, "Who? Me?" that you have to worry about.

Wasn't Fat Ho a bad guy on the original Hawaii Five-O?

Oh, that's right, his name was WOe FAT.

Waiter! There's a Supa Dupa Fly in my burger!

funny man, the new Wo Fat is about half the size of the real original Wo Fat, in case you're not watching.

I like big burgers, I can not lie. Sir Macs Alot.

Compromise - "Ho-lee Lady of Fat-ima"

Gimme a Cheesus burger and an order of St. Francis fries. Carryout basket.

The Fat Ho runs $200 an hour in labor costs, plus cab fare? I doubt their cost accountant is going to approve that one!

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