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March 26, 2011


Oldest NFL chearleader Laura Vikmanis' story getting the Hollywood treatment

(Thanks to oldfatguy)


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Hmmmm, zero fat, stretch marks gone, massive hooters... Well, if the movie doesn't work out, she can get a guest spot on "Nip & Tuck."

And they didn't even mention the most touching (so to speak) part of the story, the implants.

Too late, bad, it's been canceled.


'pad', not 'bad'

Give me a "B." or two.

That is one rah-rah I would not mess with. Except maybe to hide her reading glasses. If she can read. Ok, I'm messin' with her.

New Line assigned the story to the writers of "Ratatouille?" This could be interesting.

It would appear that parts of her upper torso are not 42 years old.

'Dyslexic Chearleader Raises the Bra'

How many blog guys got their eyes past her breasts and saw her arms? I could start an I.V. on her with my eyes closed. A lot of people don't realize this but, if you are ever standing in line and see someone staring at your arms chances are they are a nurse. We're always on the look out for good veins. It's an occupational hazard.

She had arms?

*SMACKS* Steve. Yes, she has arms. Men!

Nurse Cindy, every time I get blood drawn they don't look for veins, they just stab me in random places until blood comes out. sheesh.

cindy, I certainly noticed her arms. In fact they creeped me out big time so I had to look at her implants again.

oldfatguy, do what I do. Before they stick you for blood point to a good vein and tell them they can stick you there. I give them 2 chances only. Jeff, just remember every time you look at bosoms on the internet Mrs. Meyerson writes down another outlet for you to visit. btw, I have a list of 30 outlets in my area that I need to give her.

She's the oldest cheerleader? I must admit, when I clicked on the link, I was expecting an 80 year old grandma. Clearly, Hollywood is getting truly desperate.

I noticed those arms right away ... well, almost right away ...

I bet sum of the other cheerleaders lied about their age tho ... sum of 'em hafta be at least 38 ... um ... years old, yeah, that's whut I meant ...

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