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March 24, 2011


He still has an uncanny ability to remain out of focus.

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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It's a yeti exchange student.

Runs like a girl.

It's out of focus because aliens messed with the camera.

big foot, my foot, anyone can tell that is Dave trying to hide from his wife.

Implausible. His feet look medium-sized.

Why did the Bigfoot cross the road?

No, really, why?

to get the hell out of North Carolina?

Wood eye.

Besides ain't so. Sassy is in a class in China right now.


I think it was a Tarheel.

Making the picture out of focus is part of Bigfoot's capabilities as an interdimensional being. ISIANMTU (at least, IANMTU that people believe that).


Obviously the camera was drunk.

Smoke Monster?

I can only think of a SCOOBY DOO WHERE ARE YOU episode after viewing the video.

I went to school with a kid who claimed a relative was the Bigfoot prankster. I knew the kid to be truthful -- most kids of his religious bent are pretty good about it -- but wondered if he was right.

A few years ago, an independent news source confirmed that his story was pretty much spot on.

Now, if my family would let me get the Canon T2i video and still camera body, I'd be more than happy to keep it with me to get 30 frame HD video to prove myself wrong.



Sounded more like a belch, to Moi Ownself ...

Or mebbe a f@rt ... merely sayin' ...

It's too small for Bigfoot; it must be an Ewok.

I watched the video and thought, "I've seen that before, but where?"
Then it hit me.
That's my wife when someone gets her out of bed before 6:30 in the morning.
You DO NOT want to do that.

Why did it have to be in my hometown? I just hope it's not one of my relatives.

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