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March 24, 2011


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - The suspicious package that caused police to shut down streets around the main post office in downtown Birmingham this morning turned out to be a pair of tennis shoes in a shoe box, Birmingham police say.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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To identify the package, police brought in a Skecher artist.

Some tennis shoes would qualify as chemical weapons, requiring hazmat suits (or at least gas masks) to handle.

I once forgot a bright red nylon lunch bag on a counter at my bank. Hours later I found out it had caused quite a stir.

Guess you hadda be there.

*snork* at Annie.

How is it that packages are suspicious? When a person is suspicious, they are expecting something bad -- see thread above. Someone's BEHAVIOR can be suspicious. But how can a package BE suspiciou?

Just asking. There a Language Person around here?

i saw suspicious package open for the tubes in '79.

I always worry about leaving my collection of alarm clocks somewhere by accident. No tellin what would happen to them.

'Bama? First shoes they'd seen in months. Had to be from some damn Yankee terrorist.

In Israel a 'suspicious package' blew up and killed 1, injured 25. Yesterday.

Don't believe it can't happen here.

In Detroit, suspicious packages are put in the "lost and found."

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