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March 23, 2011


Reporter Becomes Pimp After Having Pay Cut

(Thanks to Bruce)


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I'm sure his Craigsl!st ad was concise, poignant, and true to the AP Stylebook.

Just couldn't avoid the very catchy link on the same page: "Things You Shouldn't Put In Your Vagina"

Really it's like getting a promotion.

Oh c'mon, Your Honor! Haven't you ever slipped up just once and advertised on Craig's list while employing two hookers and booking a hotel room?

Sounds like he's got the next Farelly Bros. screenplay.

Is Dave exploring options for when the millions from the book sales dries up?

Definitely the Career Choice of the Week.

*goes to check out jon's link*

It will still look better on his resume than "Fox News".

This says he was a sports reporter. Apparently he's still covering the Celtics, just from a different angle.

One could probably make a case for his humaitarianism, being that he provided weekend jobs that supplemented the employees' income ... but that's not whut I have a concern about ... it's obviously Bad Journalism being shown here ... no fotos of Jane and Jill, for starters ...

I suspect one of his working girls turned him in. He probably thought the Union Leader's "standards" would be good enough for his new business. Even hookers have some self-respect.

My career counselors were negligent in their duty to discuss the pimp option.

The guy was stupid, Didn't he know It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp?

I think the breast feeding baby doll kit was a better article.

I'd LOVE to give out of those dolls to some little girl whose mom you really hate, just to see the look on her face.


"out one of those . . ."

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