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March 24, 2011


How can you possibly top Sharktopus? One word: Piranhaconda!

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I thought Harry already took care of the Piranhaconda.

I smell an academy award. No wait, that is not what I am smelling.

The movie revolves around the battle with a creature "with razor sharp teeth and 100 feet of constricting power."

Sweet! Now add Tiffany's bazoomage and you have a sure winner.

Are they talking about Kardashians, or Biebers?

oldfatguy - this is what you smell - McCain-Palin-aconda.

I'm waiting for the chupacabrosaur.

Any change this takes place on a plane?

I prefer anapiranha

"That's all we know right now plot-wise..."
Something tells me that the plot has been fully covered.
Does anyone else long for the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea weekly man-in-a-rubber-suit villains?

If only Roger Corman would make Some kid's shows for PBS...

scare educate the little darlings for life!

Arachnobunny in theatres for Easter

Does anyone else have the picture to the right? Some sort of mutant looking out over her glasses?

If Russ Meyers and Roger Corman collaborated on a

movie, or a TV show, I'd watch it.

" Roombaconda " made agonized cries of " Where's Fifi ?! " a terror nationwide.

Still not as horrifying as "The Human Centipede". Look into it to find out what I'm talking about. Then again, do NOT look into that.

Sadly, Russ Meyer died in 2004, funny man.

Makes a great pet. Nobody breaks in and leaves with all their limbs.

I love this! Bad sci-fi movies are a scream.

Jeff....Well, I can dream can't I?

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