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March 23, 2011


My name is Laina and first of all I have to say your site is fabulous. Your entries are very detailed and well rounded, and I love all of the fun information and pictures that are posted. I'm contacting you as a member of the online marketing team working for Party Pong Tables, a custom design beer pong table retailer with a growing online presence at http://www.partypongtables.com. Party Pong Tables carries a large variety of beer pong tables and balls, as well as custom designed beer pong tables and balls with designs from the NFL, NBA, MBA, College, NHL, and Playboy. We are interested in your rates for sponsored posts, and whether you would consider free party pong balls as payment for such a post and/or link. We are also interested in reviews of the site or featuring of a beer pong table we sell with a link to the website.
I look forward to hearing from you!


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So the next thing we know there are going to be balls bouncing all over the daveblog??????

How do you get these wonderful offers. All I get are people with foreign accents calling me from very busy locations, assuring me that this is not a sales call. Then they try to sell me something.
At least I think they do. My policy is to say, "I do not buy anything from anyone who calls me, ever. Do not call this number again." Then I hang up.
Maybe I'm missing something.
Except the robo call that starts out, "Hi! This is ******* from Credit Card Services..." If I could get her on the line, I'd blow a loud whistle into her ear before she could hang up.

You don't need to buy them--Laina can play with my balls for free...

The John Wayne Bobbitt collection is half off.

Party Pong Tables WBAGNFA... I got nothing.

Steve, we pretty much solved that issue plus the nightly dinnertime calls to asnwer surveys by getting rid of our landline and using only the cell phones.


What are we waiting for! Sign us up! This is now the Dave Barry Blog presented by Party Pong as far as I'm concerned.

Speaking of ping pong balls...


Steve: Rachel has been aggravating people for years but the FTC does nothing -- your government inaction.

Yeah, Rachel is a perky b!tch. And boy, can she track you down. For a while, we've had three homes (long story and we're trying to sell one) and she called us at all three. I got rid of the landline in Florida, so we're pretty safe there.
I Googled this firm. The best guess is that they are phishing for personal info and are located somewhere near Orlando.
People who have succeeded in talking to someone and asked to be removed from the calling list report harassing calls from Rachel increase.

Steve et al, I put my home number on the no-call lists, and I respond to any sales calls by saying, "I'm on every no-call list there is, so you're breaking federal and state law by calling me. With that in mind do you want to continue?" I rarely get a callback.

Still get the political and charitable robo-calls, though. (p.s. Most charitable calls come from commercial fund-raisers and little if any of your initial contribution will go to the charity. Give direct if you want the charity to get it all.)

btw judi? Still haven't gotten my invitation to the Blog Party Pong tournament. It wasn't in my spam folder either. Some of us have to make plane reservations, y'know.

Laina love you long time.

Whoa! I had to re-read the advert, because I thought at first they were offering Party Bong Balls, which,
as you know, takes things to a whole 'nother level.

(Inhales deeply.)

" Laina " is probably your local bank president. Congress cut back on their ATM fees, and now they're all thrashing around frantically looking for new ways to make a buck.

I thought he said King Kong balls.

After my wallet was stolen several years ago, I got many phone calls from a gentlemen from somewhere on the subcontinent, addressing me as "Mrs. Elizabeth," and telling me that (a) he had a valuable package for me; or (b) I had "vun a shobbing sbree at VallMart" He got mad when I told him he was scamming and to leave me alone, and told me to look out the window (I live in a high-rise) and I could see him "across the street with a knif." I told him he was engaged in felony interstate fraud and I was going to call the FBI. About ten minutes after he slammed down the phone, I got another call: "Hello? Mrs. Elizabeth? By name is Rrichard Harris, and I am calling from the Ev B I in Las Begas. I am imbestigating your comblaint."

The Chicago detective I called laughed himself silly.

It's good to see that this blog CANNOT be bought off by mere offers of free party pong balls and will NOT give publicity to such. Or not.

We need to hold out.....for the beer. Beer pong balls without beer .....this isn't a legit offer.

The no call list helps a lot. Not so much during election time though. I wonder if people registered as independent get twice the calls.

Laina's competition.

We're on the no call lists everywhere but it hasn't stopped Rachel. Or the unnamed lady from Public Safety who called about 30 minutes ago. Or many others.
I actually TRIED to get someone human when Rachel called once but gave up after about 10 minutes.

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