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March 25, 2011


But some are more wonderful than others.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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It beats bleating or, alternatively, it bleats beating.

Jimmy Durante Dur-anatee.

Very cool. We saw a manatee in the Intracoastal in Delray Beach last month.

where the he11's siouxie dammit Edgar?

That's cute.

You should see the one where they do a fart sound as the manatee turns.

Naked Came the Manatee . . .

And this is where we got our idea of mermaids ?

Karl Malden's nose made the same sound.


I have to agree with the GoogleTube commenter who said, "every time I watch it I giggle WAY too much for someone my age".



I just LedOL.

One evening while walking on the bay front in St. Augustine, I saw that one of the carriage operators had run his watering hose over the walk so it poured into the bay.
I walked over and found a rather large, whiskered mammal getting a drink.
Since I am a large, whiskered mammal, this confused me.
I love manatees. It is impossible to imagine a manatee having a bad day.

Steve: They're actually having not just a bad day, but a a very bad year.

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