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January 26, 2011


Live chicks, fish tossed during Fort Worth pep rally

This has been Your Texas Sports Update.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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hmm, I wonder if that is code for cheerleaders and freshmen? those silly high school kids. How did they get the live chicks in the bags and what did they do with the pom poms?

With some activities, one must wonder how, exactly, was this considered a good idea?
They're teenagers, so considering the consequences of the action to themselves and the animals is not a high priority.

Administrators have suspended off-campus lunch privileges for seniors for two days.

If you have fish and chicken delivered to the stands, no one needs to go off-campus for lunch.

Who knew there was a mariachi group state competition?

I blame Bonmot.

Superintendent Melody Johnson says animal cruelty won't be tolerated.

She added: "Only our lunches will be tossed from now on"....

"Bring a pet to school day" was cancelled due to toss-ups.


Guess when they;d have came from??

School cafeteria???

Vegans would protest if they had tossed salad.

Seriously, though, I'm having a hard time understanding WHY anyone would want to celebrate mariachi, soccer, and basketball by tossing animals around.

I think parents would protest if they had tossed the salad ..... just sayin'.

gmta, mtb

Santeria mariachi?

Leave the fish and chicks alone, Fort Worth. Go prod some cattle.

Last I heard, Santeria = Voodoo.

If the students had done a little research, they would have found out you're supposed to take the fish out of the bags and slap each other with them. In Texas, they probably already know how to choke their chickens.

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