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January 10, 2011


But somehow, it's never too old.

(Thanks to Fidelia)


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Just so it's yours. Stay away from mine.

I thought that was the TSA's job!

yay! always enjoy uranus updates, dave!

(....butt it does look a bit blurry)

I think Uranus gives off more than mere traces of methane.

I can see now that I need to put more aluminum foil on the windows.

Uranus – first spotted by Sir William Herschel from Bath, England, in 1781 – also has the most powerful wind observed in the solar system, blowing at more than 500mph.

That's some powerful fart.

After probing Uranus we'll go on to probe Urbeaver!

I'll bet the boffins are still tittering over that headline.

Well NASA didn't ask me about this!

Are there Klingons circling Uranus?

Geez, this article doesn't even try to sound serious.

"Your ass is so big" jokes:
> "Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun."

"That's what she said" jokes:
> "the first close-up view of Uranus in 25 years."
> "It would give scientists their first close-up views of Uranus."
> "Uranus was given a mighty whack"
> "We've only really scratched the surface of Uranus."
> "One of the big mysteries about Uranus is that it doesn’t emit much heat at all."

Didn't Dave once write an article about the probe of his anus? IIRC, it was screamingly funny.

They're planning a colonoscopy in space?

This morning, NASA released a news statement saying there will never be a mission to URANUS. It is far too dangerous, due in part, to the crushing gravity of the black hole located in the heart of it and it's crappy terrain.

paging Barney Frank...

They want to figure out why it gives off so little heat?

Hint: IT'S 1.8 BILLION MILES FROM THE SUN!!! That's, like, probably hundreds or thousands of kilometres!

Why is it always the Brits doing this? Not that there is anything wrong with probing uranus.

Thanks for the warning.

OK, we're tired of all the jokes about this name. Uranus! Uranus! Uranus!
To correct this gross and juvenile humor, we now rename it while keeping with the similar anatomical references.
Presenting planet Cheney.

I'd rather change it to "Bush".

Think about it.

We’ve only really scratched the surface of Uranus. It is very difficult to observe from Earth because any detail is smeared out.

Starship Enterprise circling Uranus wiping out Klingons.

Sadly, I had to explain why Uranus is funny to my 13 year old daughter after she heard a joke at school. Yes, she's a blonde.

Wolfsong, I considered Bush. But some people still like him.

Uh..."Bush". Get it? BUSH??

Oh, nevermind.

Futurama already beat you to the renaming. Because of so "Urectum".

sorry - it messed up. Futurama scientists have already renamed Uranus because of the jokes. It is now "URECTUM."

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