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January 25, 2011


"I would absolutely give up my girlfriend for him," Martinez said. "I know it sounds insane but I've had numerous relationships with women. My dog has never let me down."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Can I trade in my mother-in-law for a dog?

Fidel Martinez who is now single....

I thought your mother-in-law WAS a dog.

Count Fidel Martinez: "That's Vone! Vone LESS girlfriend..."


You Go, girl! .... Wait, that's not what I meant....

What if your boyfriend IS your pet?

Your dog will never let you down. They're always happy to see you, never hurt your feelings, and don't mind if you see other dogs. On the other hand they never pay on a date and are terrible conversationalists.

nursecindy, on that last point, I beg to differ -
Me: How was your day?
My dog: Rough!
Me: That's too bad. Hey, where's your ball?
My dog: Roof!
Me: Who threw it up there?
My dog: Ruth!
Me: Wow, she's got quite an arm. She's probably a better ball player than...than-
My dog: Ruth!
Me: Now you're just talking smack.

Dogs are loyal but their instinct says to obey the alpha.
I once quarantined a Chow that bit his own owner when the neighbor told it to.
The neighbor had more of what defines "alpha" than the owner did.
The owner was more loyal and kept the dog.

Definitely the beagle.

Pets before spouses. Pets vs. children: it's a toss up.

My sister was on her way to becoming the crazy cat lady when she recently adopted a rescue labradoodle. She found out online, that if the dog had papers, it would be worth about $2000. Maybe she is not so crazy after all.

I came home from work the other day and gave my girlfriend a kiss.. She was real happy to see me and she accidentally peed on the floor.. My dog got real mad, he thought I loved my girlfriend more than him. I could tell by his bark he had his collar in a bunch... Later that night...

Does this have anything to do with Brits calling their significant others "Pet"?

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