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January 24, 2011


Because when you go downstairs to have lunch, sometimes you see dolphins.


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Beautiful! Breathtaking! Thank you, judi!!

This is cool, Judi.
I had lunch while watching squirrels besiege the bird feeder.

Awesome. Were they looking for the people-mover?

Look, the dolphin that was throwing the beach ball to the other dolphins appears to have an injured appendage. Does that happen a lot down there?

Meh. I can walk around my office and see a whole variety of sharks.

Where's Bud, Sandy and Porter?

So beautiful! I've always wanted to try one of the "swim with the dolphins" things. This is very different than the "swim with the fishes" thing they offer in New Jersey.

Lovely!!! Thanks for sharing, ms. judi!

Coolness! I think I recognized Ricky williams.

NCindy - I think that's "sleeping with the fishes".

I was amazed at how quiet it was. Over a minute long, and no gunfire.

When I was a kid, growing up on Sanibel Island back in the 70's and 80's, it wasn't uncommon to see dolphins cavorting in the bay. We usually saw them at dawn as we were riding the school bus heading for middle and high school in Ft. Myers. Did we appreciate it? Heck no! We whined and complained that the sun rising over the water got in our eyes and that we had to live so far away from "civilization". Stupid kids!

Pogo I think you're right. It's probably best if I stay away from New Jersey although I've heard it's a beautiful state.

Maybe you'll get Brett Favre, when he hears that Dolphins don't have to wear pants.

nursecindy, I did the "swim with the dolphins" bit in Tortola (BVI) a couple months ago. You'd enjoy it.

We saw a whale off the NJ shore earlier this year. Then we found out it was Snooki.

I would love to do it, Richard. I adore animals of any kind and they just look so sweet. btw, I'm not bragging or anything but...I went to my local used book store today and found a copy of Dave's book, "Big Trouble"! (The cover was still on it, Dave) I also found one by Amy Tan and another by Scott Turow. I bought those plus 2 for my kids for a total of $5.00. I feel like I hit the lottery. So now I am covered in case the blizzard they predicted last week hits us on Wednesday. So far Big Trouble is very good.

I'll have the tuna salad with extra dolphin.

*SMACKS* Loudmouth.

It's no wonder you have problems getting any work done.
BTW, a neighbor lady of mine in her late 80's had swim with the dolphins on her bucket list and finally got to do it just about a year ago. It was the last thing on her list and the next day on the bus to the airport she went to sleep and never woke up. Everyone who knew her was sad she was gone but knew that she went out very, very happy.

Which one was Flipper ?

Just in case sleeping with the fishes has anything to do with swimming with the dolphins, I'm moving it to the last spot on my kick-the-bucket list.

Tonite a friend sent me this dolphin-related link.

I'd love to swim with the dolphins, too. I did get to pet 2 baby tigers and leopards. Very amazing!

Judi, you sure those weren't sea iguanas?

What is that strange expanse of moving blue stuff? I seem to remember seeing something like that up here, three or four months ago.

Those look like underaged, semi-nude dolphins. If we tolerate this video, imagine what other dolphins will do.

What the other dolphins do. Cindy might want to rethink the whole swimming with them thing...

Where I used to work, we could see the Chicago River. The river was recently upgraded to polluted from toxic. Most of the fish we saw were a bit, uhm, past their prime.

The river is used for barge traffic. One day, I was watching the river out the window when my boss asked me what I was doing.

"That barge isn't going to make the turn with the ice," I replied.

We watched as the person on the front of the barge ran a ten second forty and the tug boat went into full reverse. The tugboat operator managed to make the contact as oblique as he could. They tied the barge to the river wall and waited for the various reporting agencies to arrive.

It was a lot like watching dolphins, only not.

I did the swim with the dolphins thing, and I'm a very good swimmer, but my everlasting impression was, "These things could kick my butt three times without having to clear their blow holes." They weigh around 600 lbs each and there is no fat, so they are insanely strong. I'm glad they were well fed before the show.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the bay front in St. Augustine and watch the dolphins swimming.
Once, I was watching a pelican floating serenely on the water when he suddenly showed great excitement and achieved flight in record time. I wondered what had scared him?
Then, a dolphin nose rose out of the water. The pelican had been goosed from below, a scary idea.
Dolphins always look like they're smiling but I think that one was.

go over to the marriott judi...see the tarp[on, manatees and crackheads...now THERE nature

1) I used to work in a bldg on the bay in Madeira Beach, FL and would mostly stand outside and watch the dolphins (not the Dolphins) play.
II. I went on a work outing on a boat once and we were being followed by a bunch (I don't know the correct term) of dolphins. They are so smart, they saw me at the side of the boat watching me and one took his flipper and splashed me. I thought it was hilarious!

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