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January 24, 2011


March 5: Potty Dance Party!

...the dance encourages kids to embrace the excitement of potty training and celebrate success.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Now THAT's strumpeting!

Say what you will about Ralph (I'm not crazy about him, myself) but he did record this, so he can't be all bad:


(Apologies for the sappy graphics. Don't watch, just listen)

Great song, 9. I enjoyed it.

Corporate sponsorship is starting to get to new levels.

I saw the potty dance commercial on tv last night. Very cute but could get annoying pretty quickly.

Sometimes when I have to go potty, I dance, too.

Yeah, I saw it too many times on TV Saturday night. Guess they figure that Saturday night TV is the closest thing new parents get top date night.

My grandson is in the second stage of potty training, dealing with "No. 2".
He's at that stage when he's mortified to have you in there with him but calls for you to check him when he's finished.
I never thought I'd be able to look at the "brown-eyed dog" with so little embarrassment.
I don't dance about it, though.

A few years ago, back during the Harry Potter craze, I stopped in at my local Borders and was asked by one of the staffers if I would be coming back at midnight for the "Harry Potty Party" for the latest installment.

"Er, no," I told the blushing clerk, "it sounds pretty crappy to me..."

NotSherly: Not me.

"Join thousands of potty training families across the country on Potty Dance Day!"

Someone needs to get a life!

I enjoy the 'They've gotten married/gone to college/moved out' dance much more than the potty dance. In fact I'm still doing it.

Mrs. WriterDude and I are doing the "Our Youngest is 14 Now and We've Paid For the Last Set of Braces" dance.

nc, they say true freedom is when all your kids have jobs and the dog dies.

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