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January 25, 2011


...but our identity has been stolen.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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*Gets out of the way to avoid stampede as all the blog guys pack it up and move to Utah*

NH has the highest rate of corporate taxes so that the rest of us can "Live Free or Die".

I'm from Pennsylvania. Anybody got a match?

Notice how they back up most of their entries, but they don't feel like they have to prove cheeseheads drink a lot?

You know, a minute ago I thought I had a point to make about that...

Washingtonians must be proud to be the leaders in bestiality.

I lived most of my life in Kentucky.
Kentuckians think they can have our cigarettes when they pry them from our cold, dead fingers.
And that's exactly what "they" do.
(No, I don't smoke but I don't mind that the rest do. Leaves more stuff for me).

One of the ways that Rahm Emmanuel could show his residency would be to get robbed.

Come on, New York has to have something better than "worst commute" (which is not news).

And shouldn't New Jersey's claim to fame be Most Corrupt Politicians Sent to Prison?

NJ might be in a close race with Illinois for that title.

Wait, Idaho has the "weakest government influence?" ...And that's a bad thing?

(Packs bags while trying to program "Pocatello" into car's GPS)

North Dakotans should migrate southward to South Dakota and Nebraska to help out their particular statistics.

I like how Delaware has bad taxes but is a haven for corporations. I'd guess that it's *real* people instead of artificial corporate "persons" that are being taxed there.

I don't understand title for Maine?

Bypasses Louisiana. Chlaymdia is one thing but Gonnorrhea? I may go through Arizona first before going to Lousisiana.

Finishes planning tour of U.S.

who gnu so many cubans wore pleated jeans?

Ohio looks pretty okay.

I have a friend that lived in a mobile home in S.C. Actually half of her mobile home was in S.C. The other half was in N.C. On the 4th of July we could legally set off fireworks in her backyard (S.C. side) but not in her front yard since fireworks are illegal in N.C.

When do the chlamydia bloom?

Annual or perennial?

nc, sounds like your friend has borderline identity issues . . .

*snork* @ sandy!

I must have left my pleated jeans in Cuba.

Why hasn't anyone from NM posted? Oh, wait, ...never mind.

Braniff, I noticed Washington had highest "reported" cases of bestiality. I am sure other states could surpass them, but if they only go by what's reported then some of our home states get left out.

(Clutches chest and cries "I'm coming Elizabeth!")

"Utah: highest rate of of online porn subscriptions"

Which means they should also get the "Dumbest State", or maybe "Most Law-Abiding State". They're paying for it?

N.C. probably noticed that while NC has worst schools, they are not the dumbest. hmm

Glad I'm no longer a 20-something at an AF Base in looking for female companionship in Mississippi(fattest) or nearby states (gonorrhea, stroke and identity theft).

I now understand how Mile High Stadium got its name.

I'll comment as soon as I catch my dog....

"C'mere, come to daddy, you cute little thing!!!"

Run doggie,run!!! Down Wolfsong! Mazar Larry if you were in the Air Force then you're (not your) good people. I wuz edukated in Virginia,Illinois, Florida,The Philippines, and Georgia thanks to the USAF. Just my luck. My daughter is in college for a degree in education and N.C. pays teachers the lowest salary in the U.S.

Who farted?

Aha! The cheeseheads retire or winter over in Arizona so they can rank in two states. I don't mind so much, as long as they leave their Packer stuff up North.

Al, I think they'll be leaving their Packer stuff (and cleat marks) on Steeler bodies in Dallas soon...Go Pack Go!

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