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January 25, 2011


Scientists Use Light to Make Worms 'Dance'

(Thanks to Greg Snow, who asks, "Ever wonder how disco got started?")


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Any fisherman looking for night-crawlers know that the touch of a beam from a flashlight makes them instantly retreat underground.
Where's my prize?

I'm afraid it would take more than light to make me dance.

Maybe gunshots at my feet would do it.

I understand that tequila is also known to cause dancing worms. At least briefly.

I'm buying 10,000 shares of "TinFoilHatTech" immediately...

"Instead of a floodlight, we use a series of spotlights to track the animal," says Fang-Yen, who carried out the research while a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University in collaboration with graduate student Andrew Leifer.

Okay, spotlight's on you, are you just gonna STAND there? You've got 15 minutes to impress this crowd (like on American Idiot Idol...)

But as far as dancing, you also need this..

To answer your other question: Who invented disco?
here is the answer

THough mental/health issues makes him say and do many strange things, it wasn't
this guy...

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