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January 24, 2011


A sculptor has created a bizarre sculpture of romantic fiction author Dame Barbara Cartland - out of marzipan.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Not creepy at all!

Well, maybe just a little.

That ain't no almond joy.

marizipan is gross. they should have made her out of.....chocolate. what were they thinking?

Hopefully, no one will ever show her a picture of Barry Manilow. The world would collapse under the strain of the creepyness.

um. ok. gross.

I second all the above comments

He'd have eaten it, I bet.

Cindy, by the way, I apparently couldn't donate blood, because my pulse involuntarily doubled when they were testing me. Any suggestions?

I think this guy used to make wedding cakes.

Diva, waaaayyy creepy...

Elon, were you scared? Next time don't be afraid. It really doesn't hurt. As I always told all the donors I was getting ready to stick, "Don't worry I won't feel a thing". If it was irregular go see a doctor. If it was because a cute nurse was taking your pulse request a male nurse next time. Also, always eat something before you donate blood and increase your fluid intake for a day or so before donating blood.

So, the Dame didn't qualify for the wax job?

Elon, I do the same thing. Amazingly, telling me 'don't be afraid' doesn't help. I know what it is. I know I will live thru it. But my heart is sprinting for the exit.

*hands nursecindy a garter snake*
Don't be afraid. It won't hurt you... if you don't move. ;)

I don't believe it. Marzipan is unstable.

Look at this

and you'll see what i mean.


Elon, no, that railroad spike they call a needle doesn't hurt, but it stings like h*ll. I hate needles. Ironic that for a number of years I worked in a blood bank. The second day I was there they asked if I wanted to give blood. I said sure. Next thing I knew two nurses were propping me up. I went on to give over 3 gallons over the years. I find that the best strategy is to do what cindy says, and look the other way knowing it's going to sting, but rationalize that that's life.

@Elon, when the needle gets close, look away and start counting backwards from 100. I believe some nurse told me the stinging is from an anticeptic (or some other beneficial chemical concoction) and it goes away after a short time.

I have no issues with the sting of the needle. I have issues trying to not faint afterwards.

A friend of mine flexed her muscle when they put the needle in. The tip of the needle broke off under her skin and they couldn't get it out.

I don't think I was nervous. Well, maybe I was, but I would have stoically taken it anyway. At least my mind would. Maybe my heart wouldn't. I'll just have to try again, I suppose.

Always leave your arm relaxed. If you are getting a shot in the arm take the arm that you are getting the shot in and cross it across the top of your stomach like you are reaching for your other arm. That way you cannot tighten your deltoid muscle where the needle is going in and it won't hurt. I am very good at shot giving. In fact I've had people tell me that didn't believe I had given them one because they didn't feel it. Trust me about the tip on putting your arm across your chest. It works. Also if a nurse is going to give you a tetanus shot or a flu shot don't drop your pants. They go in your arm. I've had several men do that after being told by 'friends' that was where the shot went. Also, for some reason, I've found men faint more than women.

I believe that, cindy. My late father in law - far from a wimp - just couldn't stand the sight of blood at all. I just don't look at the needle going in but otherwise, no problemo.

Annie -- I'm guessing your friend had trouble getting laid after that.

Then of course there's Imogene Coco..

I had blood drawn just this morning. The antiseptic stung worse than the needle.

I'm like Jeff; I don't want to see the needle going in, but I don't mind seeing my spurts fill up the tube.

(Hmmmm. That last bit didn't sound quite right . . .)

I have terrible veins so I always watch when they stick me for blood. Usually it's because I'm pointing to where my vein is so they can stick me there. I give them one attempt only. btw, the worst patients in the world to get blood out of are doctors. They are huge babies when it comes to getting stuck with needles.
I had to stick a surgeon once. I asked him which arm he operated with. He yelled "Both!" as I stuck him.

She looks almost life-like. It's just like when she was alive.

I bet she tastes the same.

@elon-- biofeedback or meditation is one way to start. Yoga on the donation table, however, is usually discouraged.

With 18 gallons, I have a lot of scar tissue that makes it a bit trickier. I push an extra quart/liter of fluid for three days prior and don't drink a lot of coffee before going in. I don't watch, but the phlebs/nurses make a point of having me look at the post once I'm done giving platelets.

Be sure to study for the iron test.

I was going to say something very tasteless such as there is always the penile man veins but I won't.

I like the way you can tell she's been dead for 11 years. That's what I call realism.

Did somebody say "needle?"


I have loved Barry Manilow for years and he can still belt out a song to the point we were standing on our feet in Jacksonville. There is no one like Barry and I have to commend him for his great talent, involving his audience in songs and making us cry. I have waited this long to see him here and the wait was well worth it. He’s still amazing to me and always will be.

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