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January 26, 2011


Theories involve Elton John and the Titanic.


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I think the Enterprise's transporter may need an adjustment.

Is no one concerned about who was playing the piano and what happened to them? Any UFOs in the area?

Dave did it as a joke.

Sounds very Monty Pythonish.

Hypothetically Connecting the dots...

1. Elton John states publicaly he's angry about being treated as a second class citizen.

2. Elton John and spouse have a new baby, hence they had to make room for a nursery....

3. Elton contacted client Rush Limbaugh to cash in a "favor."

4. Limbaugh contacted an ex-National Guard buddy who owed Limbaugh a a'favor'.

5. A small team of ex-National Guard used a helicopter equipped with whisper sound cloak to
move and transport Elton's oldest piano to
the sandbar under cover of night. Plans were to shoot a music video there but were cancelled due to
Elton's cold.

Hypothetically speaking, of course....

It escaped from a Carnival cruise.

Moving company with a defective GPS?

"we don't really permit the water"

Water doesn't need your permission, man.

Worst. Romantic. Date. EVAH.

Somebody left the piano there for Debussy to play "La Mer," but he's busy decomposing.

Updated update.

Vanity? You arrogant snot.

Waiting for the DC piano appearance.

His mother needs to cut the chord.

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