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January 26, 2011


Woman tries to smuggle 44 iPhones -- in her stockings

(Thanks to bonmot, who says, "There's a rap for that.")


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Man, if I'd only known the phone numbers........

Meanie it would've been fun to see the reaction if all 44 rang and vibrated at the same time.

Would be nice if they explained why. I have to assume they're not illegal there, so do they have a hefty import fee, maybe?

She also had several iPads in her underwear.......


*snork* @ steve!

lesson learned: iphones do not make good stocking stuffers

She should have taken them out of the boxes.

"...returned from London — which begs the question, how did she get through their security?"

Is it illegal to take iPhones out of London?

Smuggling phones in your stockings??--there's a
sapp for that!!!

She thought she could sell them to her clients,
as she was a madam....? ..oh, never mind...

She loved being surrounded by technology????

Suddenly a touch-screen does not sound so attractive.

Somebody should really explain call waiting to her.

"would-be smart phone smuggler was reportedly dressed in a traditional Georgian outfit "

She was in culotte overalls with tenner shoes and pigtails ?

She probably figured 45 would have given her away.

Well, it wasn't Daisy Dukes.

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