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January 25, 2011


...like Ohio state legislator hijinks.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My wife's youth pastor and his wife had a large family. She would babysit for them sometimes. The standing instruction in case a TP team came into the yard was to release Sebastion -- a large dog of dubious heritage.

The dog wasn't the attack kind. It would join in the fun and run around carrying rolls.

Time for roll call.

Sen. Mark Wagoner was heard saying, "I did not toilet paper that house". Bill Clinton has also denied any involvement.

Impossible. Republicans have no detectable sense of humor.

Sure we do, Steve. We picked Sarah Palin to run for VP, didn't we?

This was activism employed before his crucial swing-vote on the toproll/bottom roll legislation.

well, seems to me that they cant hold a candle to new york state, where chicanery, lying, theft and other folderol sway. maybe they should have teepeed the governor's house...

...butt how will he re-ply?

Steve, I take offense in your statement. I have a GREAT sense of humor.

Bon, and we may just pick her to run for Prez!! HAR HAR!!

If Sarah Palin was elected I have a feeling there would be a lot less hijinks anywhere.

Another reason why Ohio is the "Nerdiest" state.

Sorry, sorry. I was just using my example.
I never got the joke until I quit the Republican party.
And I'm now an Independent, so I laugh at everybody.

"HIJINKS" looks a lot light "HUNKS" if you read it really quickly. I was disappointed. Not many polictical hunks, although Paul Ryan is cute.

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