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January 26, 2011


There's a right way, and a wrong way.

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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I'm sure this must make the hangover sooooooooo much better...

I've never had tequila but I can bet this video was not produced by the Tequila Marketing Association.
Or salt.
Or lemon.
Or the Men's Ponytail Fan Club.

It took him way too long to stick his head in the sink.


He really needs to get out more.

Sven, I wanna party with you......

I didn't know "Darwin" was a Swedish name.

"Ok Mr. Prime Minister, the Parliment is ready for the vote now and they are waiting for you."

Reminds me of college!

Well, no, it doesn't. It wasn't salt we were snorting. Not gonna discuss what we did with the lemon wedges.

(am both curious and disturbed by wiredog's comment) I bet he's a grade school principal relaxing after a day with the kids.


I have a feeling this wasn't the first tequilia shot of the morning..

Read some of the YewTewbe comments. It doesn't get any more reassuring, but they do still shed some light.

Thank goodness we don't trust them to build anything important....like cars.

WTH. The only place he can go after that is rat poison-malathion-Drano-fire ax shots.

Tears of laughter?

Tears of joy?

Whutever ...

btw - Very similar to a method used in the book "IT" by Stephen King... Just saying...

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