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January 25, 2011


A German man has won a £20,000 Mini Cooper - after he agreed to have the brand's logo tattooed on his manhood.

(Thanks to B'game, who says "I'd prefer a Hummer")


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"Would you like to see my Mini Cooper turn into a Clubman?"

Oh man, I did the same thing for "Giovanni's Genuine Italiano Pizzeria and Primo Pasta Emporium" and all I got was free cannoli for life!

Good thing it was a mini!

pad, you're gonna need a bigger pizza box.

GM calling ... they want to know if he'd care to promote the Chevy Volt.

rev his engines & it becomes a strrrrrrreettch limmo

Get yer motor runnin'
Set out on the sidewalk
Let them put their logo
On your tiny little thing.

Born to be Wild!

Hate to think what he'd do with an offer from Planters.

More penile advertising:

A man had his bride's name tattooed on his penis. Normally, only the first and last letters were visible, although when he was aroused, the tattoo spelled out W-E-N-D-Y. When visiting Jamaica, he stands next to another guy at the urinal, and notices that he, too, has the letters W-Y on his penis. "Excuse me," he says, "do you have a girlfriend named Wendy?"

"No, I work for the Tourist board. Mine reads, "Welcome to Jamaica, mon, have a nice day.'"

I see padraig's hallucinating again.

I'm surprised Johnson didn't think of this first.

Was he circumscribed?

Siouxie, I'm going to need your help with the spellchecking...

Okie dokie, Annnie. We must also be on the lookout for dangling participles.

No self respecting man would ever put the words "MINI" on what we all know must assuredly behave most like the words on our rear view mirrors - OBJECTS APPEAR...

Well being old I am not worried about impressing anyone, best they could do on me would be MC, if they used small letters. And if they had a lot of big guys to hold me down.

Tattooed people come in colors.

The man in that photo is a carbon copy of my neighbor.

Siouxie and Annie must want it in the wurst way.

Not really, butt we're always on the lookout for type-oooooooohs.

Such a cute little Cooper.

Pictures! We need pictures!!

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