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January 24, 2011


...are making dental appointments.

(Thanks to Suzie W. Wacvet)


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Can you rub some on my gums?

"The sight of cleavages gets patients narcotised and distracted from the pain rather quickly."

More like "hypnotized". And the pain merely relocated.

Dentist: Say "Ahhh".
Patient: Again?


Drill, Baby, drill!

That would just get the men thinking about some other type of drilling.

You may now spit.

Spitters are quitters, Siouxie.

Looks like Bill Clinton will be changing dental clinics.

Open wiDDDe

I know there's gotta be a joke about filling a cavity sumwhere around here, but nobuddy's managed to find it yet ...

pypetad f@*ked me again

It was a link to another version of the story which showed that the doctor is the woman on the left with the necklace in her cleavage.

Oh, doctor!

Now people. I'm sure men don't think of sex when they're in the dentist chair. Right?

Mebbe sum men, n'c' ... but me, even @ my advanced state of gettin' older ... I think of sex all the time ... I merely can't remember why ...

Umm--THOSE are low-cut? Really?...

I don't think I want cleavage and dentistry to be used in the same sentence, Just saying.

"I fing you drobbed a too in my lab . . . ."

My usual dental tech is a nice looking young woman. She sometimes rests her breasts on my arm when I am in the chair. She has very pretty eyes, which is the only part of her face I can see because she wears a mask over her nose and mouth when doing her job. Of course I never think about sex at the dentist.

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