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January 25, 2011


For the last 8,000 years, the wine grape has had very little sex.

(Thanks to Bryan Miller)


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Whine, women in thong.

Sour grapes.

Now, what variety was used for Ripple?
And what about the versions produced by the Hiney Winery ("The Fine Wine in the Pop-Top Can")?

"The purpose of sex, though this is perhaps not widely appreciated, is recombination, "
I dunno, I appreciate everything about it.

Well, when you haven't had any for a while....explains this

I'm confused. So..it doesn't come in a box???

'we’ve found that all those families are interconnected and in essence there’s just one large family...

sounds like one big happy gene winegarden to me

*snork* @ sandy.

I know how the grapes feel.

Trust me, I'd whine, too.

Que syrah, syrah,
the vines don't get their booty.
The advintage is clear to see,
que syrah, syrah.

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