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January 26, 2011


One of the tortillas had a large brown spot that resembled the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus.

(Thanks to David Kirtley)


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It's a mircale!

Looks more like an angry bulldog to me.

Or maybe Tom chasing Jerry around a large brown tree stump.

Or Coyote waiting for the Acme Virgin to fall on his head instead of the Roadrunner's.

Or something.

A 'mircale' is like a speckled tamale, right, Siouxie?


Um...Si, Annie!

"It's safe as long as I keep it away from my sons...as long as I keep it away from butter," Solis said.

Must be a slow news day at Action 4 News...

looks like stage IV skin cancer

^...which is not funny, but there's nothin' holy about it, either

I'm shocked! We have the same image in a brightly colored glass window at my Church!

The Lord is my flatbread.
A shell not, Juan.

♫ I don't care if it rains or freezes...as long as I got my taco Jesus....♭

Meanie baby?? come sit right here next to me on this here handbasket. I'm bringing the hot salsa.

Anything to get somewhere that's warm, Chica. Another day, another snowstorm. With Part II tonight.

Sick. Of. Shoveling.

Who did Middle Eastern people see in their flatbreads in 10 b.c.?
Did they just sit around saying, "Who the heck is that guy? He's everywhere!"

Awww Meanie! Try to stay warm and careful out there!! Anytime you and your family need a warm place to visit...Casa de Siouxie is open for business!

*dumps siouxie in her hot-salsa-cuban-pleated-pants right out've the handbasket*

*see 'lizard' post: no one helped me shovel out :(

That's a great question Steve. Moses perhaps?

Jesus sure has some crazy-good product placement guru.

Does anger melt snow? Might be worth a try.


'I don't care if it rains or freezes

(...and you CAN'T...)

sandy!! you can come on down to Miyami too!!!

....\ /
..../ \

*sends siouxie a snow angel*

Mary, bringing out the challa, "Would you girls like to see some pictures of my baby!?"
Other ladies around the well, "Oh, he's so cute!"

There was a comedian who used to say, "Do you really think this is a message from God? Seems like such a waste of divine energy and ability...after all, he's God..why would he use "food products" to make you aware when he could do a multimedia 3d holographic or real show?" or something along that line.

George Carlin had a similar, albeit harder take on that...in his religion rant. And he was Catholic, too..

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