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January 25, 2011


A man and his doll.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Gee, I can't imagine why his wife doesn't mind him hitting the road.

/end sarcasm

Actually, this is even creepier. Since I sent it in I found a second article that made it clear he didn't just have one doll.

O Canada!

Can you be a doll polygamist? Do the other dolls get jealous and rise up in the night a la Chuckie and exact their revenge? They oughtta.

That gave me the heebie jeebies.

*hands Siouxie some willies to compliment her heebies and her jeebies*

The doll holding a road map is as helpful as my wife and kids holding a road map.

So, he's traveling with his doll(s), while the Mrs. is at home. And she doesn't mind at all that he's gone.


Probably more so, Braniff. She won't be offering wrong information.

Is it a doll or an action figure?

I bet cindy is right, IYKWIM.

Punkin, I love the idea of one of the dolls doing a Chucky on this guy.

She's certainly more attractive than those that went on the rafting trips.
I bet his wife just loves that publicity. It'll help in the court case.

Moslems are allowed up to four dolls.

he's guilty of adolltry

Meanie, I'm thinking the Mrs. doesn't mind him having a plastic companion cuz she probably has a real life one at home whilst hubby is away. WIN WIN!

Precisely where I was going, Siouxie. Well, figuratively, that is.

"Oh, KEN!!!"

posted by: 'the Mrs.'

I read Jeff's other link and this guy (not Jeff) spent 1800 pounds on outfits for the doll? Who bought them? Him or his wife? I agree with Siouxie. I think the wife has a real life one at home. And he probably doesn't play with dolls.

Maybe he plays with her dolls, IYKWIM.

I meant to say a real LIVE one, of course. As in "batteries not included OR needed".

Well it would cut down on the nagging.

I really hate to do this but...*SMACKS* oldfatguy.

The doll is inflating, his wife is deflating.

OK, this is some coincidence. I went into Penn Station tonight and there was a woman sitting against the wall, on the floor, and she was wearing a very distinctive winter overcoat. Next to her was a wheelchair with someone sitting in it wearing the same overcoat. I looked at this person and it was a life-size female doll. Not a blow-up, but more like a mannequin with a detailed female face. All dressed up in winter-wear. Freaked me out. Maybe they were going on vacation together.

Wasn't there a movie about this?

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